What is the physical address and phone number for the police department?

Wake Forest Police Department
225 South Taylor Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587

General information: (919) 554-6150
Emergency: (919) 556-9111

When must a motor vehicle collision be reported?

A reportable motor vehicle traffic crash must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1. The crash resulted in a fatality; 2. The crash resulted in a non-fatal personal injury; 3. The crash resulted in total property damage amounting to $1,000.00 or more; or 4. The crash resulted in property damage of any amount to a vehicle seized.

When in doubt, ALWAYS call the police and an officer will repond to the scene.

What if I disagree with the information on accident report?

Reports are filed for the use of the Division of Motor Vehicles. The data is collected for statistical analysis and subsequent highway safety programming. These reports are used so that changes can be made to dangerous intersections and roadways. The information on the report does not determine who was at fault in the accident. Officers rarely witness an accident when it occurs. Officers investigating crashes have to examine the accident scene and evaluate statements from drivers and witnesses. Officers will attempt to objectively report what they believe are the most likely sequence of events leading to the crash. The information in the crash report will be based on the officer’s professional opinion. “Fault” is determined by insurance companies or the State’s courts. If you feel that the accident report is not correct, you should notify your insurance company and inform them of your version of the crash. Your insurance company may decide to file a claim or suit against the other driver’s insurance. Your company may decide to settle a claim or suit that was filed against your insurance. This decision is up to the insurance companies. In the event that the insurance companies cannot settle, the case can be resolved in civil court.

What if I did not report the accident at the time it occurred? Can I file an accident report at a later time?

You can file a crash report at a later time; however, you will need to have the information from the other party involved. Officers will attempt to locate and interview the other party before completing the report. This may require extra time for the investigation to be completed. Also, since the crash was not investigated at the scene, valuable information may be lost.

How do I pay parking tickets?

Payment of parking fines may be made by mail or in person at the Wake Forest Town Hall located at 301 South Brooks Street Wake Forest, NC 27587. The phone number for the Town Hall is (919) 435-9400.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Requests to appeal parking tickets must be made in person at the Police Department, located at 225 South Taylor Street (behind the Town Hall). You will be notified of the date and time the Parking Review Committee will hear the appeal.

What happens if I do not pay a parking ticket?

Failure to pay a parking ticket will result in a criminal summons being issued.

I locked my keys in my car. Does the police department unlock cars?

The police department does unlock cars. At this time, there is no fee for this service. Requests may be made by calling (919) 554-6150.

Who do I call to report a power outage or water/sewer problem, check on general road conditions during or after a storm, or to find out about school and business closings during inclement weather?

To report a power outage: (919) 554-6724

To report a water/sewer problem after hours: (919) 829-1930

For general road conditions during and after a storm: 511

For school and business closings, tune to area media outlets or visit their websites.

Does the police department fingerprint for the public?

The police department fingerprints for the public every Thursday from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM at the main station, located at 225 South Taylor Street (behind the Town Hall). The cost for this service is $10.00 for Wake Forest residents and $15.00 for non-residents. The police department uses a Live Scan machine with the standard SBI cards (number FD258). Anyone needing to be fingerprinted on different cards will need to supply the cards.

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